Engage for Success

November 19th, 2012  |  by  |  published in Change

Employee engagement is hot! November 12th saw the launch of the Engage for Success website accompanied by plenty of activity in the press and social media. This is the fruit of much work by a large group of contributors including our good friend Nigel Girling (National Centre for Strategic Leadership). I was particularly interested in […]

Fit for the future: a different kind of change?

May 28th, 2012  |  by  |  published in Change

Businesses face many challenges: from tough economic conditions to the tempo of change in markets, technology and society. To prosper in such an environment, organisational fitness – the capacity to adapt structure, behaviour, capabilities and climate in response to these changes – can be a valuable asset. Fit for the Future is a methodology that […]

A shift of opinion

April 16th, 2011  |  by  |  published in Innovation

Here are the opening ten minutes or so of A shift of opinion the finest management training film produced – ever! Apart from the black and white recording, the smoking, the blackboard and chalks, and one or two dinosaur-esque behaviours the issues in the story – creating change with people in organisations – are as […]

The fun theory

November 12th, 2009  |  by  |  published in Change

From Rob Freeth via Dave Snowden, here’s a strategy for engaging others in creating change – change by design if you like – that doesn’t require control, rules, regulations… or consultants for that matter.

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