You get what you give – the interactive coaching style inventory

November 30th, 2011  |  Published in Coaching

Responding to the context

Nancy Langton of New Level Partners was in touch a few months back asking if she could use our coaching style inventory as part of a supervisory skills training workshop. Now, requests to use our inventory come along every few months or so, mostly from the USA, and each time the deal is basically “no problem – please send us a summary of people’s scores so we can update our norm base”, to which the reply is “thanks very much, of course we’ll send them over”. This is usually the end of the conversation.

Not only did Nancy get back in touch with results – she also moved us on a step from a paper questionnaire. We now have the interactive coaching style inventory – or iCSI – you can complete it onscreen with the option to print the completed inventory and you no longer have to withstand that irritating phase of flicking backwards and forwards to transfer your replies for each question to the scoring page. There is even a norm form you can fill in onscreen and email back to us, which, in terms of online questionnaires, probably brings us bang up to date – assuming of course we are still in 2003.

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