Here is a selection of the building blocks we use to create bespoke solutions for our clients:

Taking part in the creation of change – change initiatives sometimes fail to live up to the expectations generated on their behalf; we believe that the tendency to choose a perspective on organisations that fails to acknowledge their complexity is a factor in this lack of satisfaction. We see the interplay between strategy, processes, relationships and behaviour as the pulse of the organisation – and organisations that work with the pulse put themselves in a better position to create change. See our fit for the future methodology for an example of how we put our approach into practice

Developing high performing teams – we have evolved a range of methods and processes for supporting the creation and maintenance of high performing teams. These methods focus on the climate and context within which the team operates, for example click the link for a team climate survey snapshot, and click here for a process for assessing the effectiveness of your team.

Identifying and developing management talent – we have pioneered a process that takes development centres to a new level: talent and learning centres – or you could call them self and peer assessment centres. Whatever the name they seem to engage line managers in the development of their people, and also put coaching and self and peer assessment into the muck and bullets of everyday working life. The initiative for this development resulted from our observation that traditional approaches to development centres were failing to address some of the key issues our clients faced in identifying and developing their management talent. Our approach focuses on developing a cadre of high potential managers in a business and includes fostering the networks of relationships between them and building a sense of shared responsibility for each other and the future of the business. Click here for an overview of the similarities and differences between talent and learning centres in comparison with assessment and development centres.

Designing and delivering management development programmes – we have many years experience of developing and delivering bespoke management programmes; clients include Bentley Motors, Yorkshire Water, Anglian Water and Mothercare.

Working conversationsSLOW coaching provides a toolkit for nurturing change at three levels: action – where the emphasis is on performance and delivering results; skills – where the focus is on practice and stretching capability; and learning – where the goal is to uncover potential, encourage different thinking and create new opportunities. If you’re interested in finding out more about your coaching style preferences take a look at our coaching style inventory. To read more about SLOW coaching you can download our booklet coaching conversations and change.

The networked organisation – we have experience in the practicalities of developing effective partnering relationships between organisations that choose to rely on one another to deliver results and create improvements in service delivery. This experience has included a considerable focus on the development of multi-organisation delivery teams.

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