Fit for the future: a different kind of change?

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is it this way?
Businesses face many challenges: from tough economic conditions to the tempo of change in markets, technology and society. To prosper in such an environment, organisational fitness – the capacity to adapt structure, behaviour, capabilities and climate in response to these changes – can be a valuable asset. Fit for the Future is a methodology that enables you to do this. It engages your whole workforce in assessing the level of fitness of the organisation, to uncover strengths, weaknesses, risks and opportunities and to create programmes of action aimed at improving business performance.
fit for the future process outline

These conversations for change are kick-started by the outputs of an online survey process that creates information around four key themes for change: engagement, agility, resilience and coherence…

Fit for the future survey themes

Getting to grips with issues like engagement usually involves surveys that emphasise quantitative data – and although the precision of quantitative data has its benefits it fails to provide the context necessary to understand what lies behind the numbers. For example: why has employee satisfaction declined by 10%? Fit for the future addresses this by using Sensemaker® a survey process that combines the objectivity of numbers with the power and richness of narrative – the stories that people are telling about the organisation. Examination of these stories provides a level of insight and understanding into what is happening in the business that is rarely possible – and by enabling employees to work with the data and collectively identify and resolve issues real commitment is gained for actions aimed at moving the organisation forward. You can use the process to:

  • uncover the unvarnished truth about strategic and organisational issues and stimulate honest conversations about the fit of the organisation and its leadership with espoused objectives and strategy
  • discover how existing capabilities need to be augmented with new capabilities in order to meet emerging challenges
  • create the conditions for shared commitment to continual improvement
  • create an environment of purposeful, constructive conversation so that issues associated with performance and effectiveness are confronted
  • develop a fitness profile which will enable you to identify the levers you need to focus on in order to develop your capacity for peak performance

You can give the online survey process a try by clicking here, and to see a prototype copy of a survey analysis report click here.


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