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November 19th, 2012  |  Published in Change  |  1 Comment

talking headsEmployee engagement is hot! November 12th saw the launch of the Engage for Success website accompanied by plenty of activity in the press and social media. This is the fruit of much work by a large group of contributors including our good friend Nigel Girling (National Centre for Strategic Leadership). I was particularly interested in the 4 enablers of engagement. One of these relates to giving employees a voice and resonates especially strongly as it is one of the reasons behind the development of our new platform for change “Fit For the Future”. At the heart of this is the ability to capture the stories people tell about their organisations.

So, I’m hopeful that the engage for success campaign will give organisations the courage to move beyond the “engagement survey” mentality which is limited by notions of benchmarking with other organisations and seek ways of genuinely listening to and involving their employees in real decision making. This will require courage and boldness. Our experience of talking to organisations about FFF has clearly shown that whilst there is an appetite amongst many “line managers” to use our platform there is often fear amongst their colleagues about what they might hear and what they might have to personally change and do as a result.  And where does most resistance come from?   I’m afraid to say it’s most often our Human Resource colleagues. So come on my fellow HR professionals let us be bold and embrace the challenges of real employee engagement. As Nita Clarke, (joint author of the report which kicked it all off and director of the Involvement and Participation Association) states, feedback is the “best guard against reputational risk there is”.

You might also be interested in reading the Engagement – the Evidence report from the ‘Nailing the Evidence’ workgroup, a subgroup of the Engage for Success taskforce.

John Golds is a Chartered Psychologist and Director of Castleton Consulting


  1. Nigel Girling says:

    November 23rd, 2012 at 09:28 (#)

    Thanks for the namecheck Jon! EFS has been a labour of love though for a cast of hundreds, all passionate about the paradigm-shift needed in many organisations and in prevailing UK management theory. It seems, to many of us in the movement at least, self-evident that the old school, command & control, rule by numbers, economics-based, process-obsessed, MBA driven business world has begun to fail, often spectacularly. Research from many sources shows up to 2/3 of employees not engaged with their organisation, manager or daily work. Let’s hope none of them are pilots, surgeons or in charge of our money. Oh. hang on a minute.

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